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Brandon Owen

Brandon and Alaina married in the fall of 2005. They share a love for ministry and foster care and have a strong desire to share the love of Christ with every child that comes through their home. Currently, they have eight children.

Both Brandon and Alaina have a heart to help people find completeness in Jesus Christ and lead faithful lives of worship. It is their passion to be a part of an authentic biblical community that would live for the glory of God through faithful lives of worship and take seriously their responsibility to present the gospel to every man, woman, and child.


Len Flack

Len and Diana met during their time at Davis College, and were married in the spring of 2004. They are the parents of two children, Elijah and Moriah.

Len is a skilled writer, a gospel-centered preacher, and a discerning teacher of the word. He is deeply committed to using those gifts to empower Christ’s people to understand scripture and live faithful lives of worship. Len brings years of pastoral ministry experience to Clay Community Church, along with a genuine heart for missional community engagement.