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May 22nd Update

Good Morning!
I am very excited to write you this morning because of some news that has come out this week.  In light of the announcement made by Governor Cuomo and his team on Wednesday about religious gatherings of 10 or less and parking lot services, we are going to be having our first parking lot service this weekend!
This is very exciting news and certainly unexpected.  We should rejoice at the opportunity to gather under God’s means of grace, the Word preached, prayed and sung.  This type of service will not look like our usual service but it will allow us to participate in gathering still.  There are going to be some things that we need to be aware of for everyone to stay safe and minimize anyones exposure.
  • Service will be shortened to 45 min with 2 prayers, 3 songs along with the preaching.
  • All of the service will be heard through our powered speakers that will be set up outside in our parking lot.
  • An offering basket will be available on a table for you be able to drive up and place your offering in the basket as you leave the service.
  • When the service is over, please feel free to honk and make your way to the exit.
  • Service will still be live streamed on YouTube Live
  • The building will be closed and therefore the restrooms will not be available.
  • Please feel free to leave the parking lot at anytime as needed
  • Service will be held in the parking lot with everyone staying in their cars.
  • Please park every other space to ensure a safe social distance from each other.
  • Windows may be rolled down enough to hear the service.
  • Please allow those who may have trouble hearing to park closest to the speakers.
Again, we are very excited to be able to offer a gathering of this kind.  We pray that this will be edifying and a joy filled time “together.”
With having a parking lot service this week, our 11:15 am zoom prayer call will be canceled.
If you have questions, please feel free to reach out to Brandon via email or phone.
Rejoicing together!